Alana Clark

Hi my name is Alana and I'm an intuitive medium, I do past life readings which also include a message from spirit.


  • Past life reading/ message from spirit/ oracle card pulled $50US
  • And add a drawing of your past life self add $30US
  • Oracle card reading $50US

You will - pay for the reading, then I will ask you to send me a picture of the person you would like me to read where I can clearly see the eyes, then I will do a reading for that person and I will send it via EMAIL when it's complete.

To see all services please visit the website.


"I had a reading with Alana Clark tonight! She told me all about a past life of mine, which reading it made my heart race and my stomach clinch. It was very detailed! She also brought me messages from spirit of self love and how I need to work on it!! Feel first, think second! That was from Erik! I highly recommend Alana!! It was a fabulous experience."
-Jessica Cales Deacy

"I must tell you about my reading from Alana Clark. I came to her today because I was suffering from what I thought was a serious issue. I woke up at 5am and I could feel something coming on. And I thought, if this is a panic attack (because I'm an empath) then I can work through it. Well, 8 hours later, nothing I'm doing is working. Desperate and thinking about going to urgent care because I was getting scared, I reached out to her and told her what was going on. Hell, I don't know if I interrupted her day - but she got right on for me! She bought up a previous life with very, very, very specific information and told me that I had carried some feelings over in this life -including a sense of panic, feeling trapped, etc. I learned some more things about myself today and what I can do to better protect myself. I highly recommend Alana -- she's very very good!! 5 Stars all the way"
-Ryan Adragna

"Had the honor of having a past life reading with Alana Clark. It was very enlightening and interesting to know a little more about the history of my souls journey. Truly recommend a reading with her. She is a very gifted soul."
-Joe Gibson

"I've had a past life/spirit message reading with Alana Clark today. She is amazing, her reading was relevant and definitely resonated with me. I recommend her to anyone that feels drawn to her. Thanks again for my reading Alana."
-Arev Dyer

"I had a past life reading from Alana Clark last week and it was beyond interesting! Instead of channeling a past life, she picked up on a parallel life that I'm living currently. The similarities between the two lives my soul is living are uncanny...and the differences are subtle enough that she(me) and I (that sounds so strange to type out) will most certainly learn different lessons while experiencing the same(ish) journeys! I highly recommend a reading from Alana! She is precious and so caring in her delivery!"
-Andrea 'Smith' Brame