Alison Ailfinn Allan

$50 USD for a 30-minute session

$90 USD for a full hour

$50 USD for a 30-minute Abraham Reading

My name is Alison Ailfinn Allan. I am a medium and spiritual translator - I connect to the spirit world to bring you messages from your loved ones, your guides, your angels, and even your relatives from your origins should you be a star child; I am also a visual artist and an avid promotor of the ascension process in the changing times ahead. I pull information from anywhere it comes, spirit guides, passed lives and Erik Medhus from the Channeling Erik Blog and at times semi-trans channel spirits; I can also access the akashic records for you. I have all the Clair abilities that I draw from and I am an Empath - I can see energy, I can detect where spirits are around you and then tune into them - we don't need to be in the same room to make contact with your spirit team, we can do this long distance via Skype, Google Hangouts and Facebook chat or messenger.