Ana Fernandes


I offer readings and healing sessions using my

  • claircognizance
  • clairsentient and
  • channelling gifts

I also include angel card readings in my sessions. Counselling, guidance and goal setting.

 The readings are done via skype and Facebook messenger.

 Language : I provide readings in both English and Portuguese



Payments are prepaid to PayPal, using my email:
To pay via MasterCard or Visa please message me to send you the payment link.

  • € 88 for 1 hour
  • € 98 for 2 hours
  • € 120 for 3 hours

Healing sessions are as follows:

  • € 20

* Please note that prices are per session.

My name is Ana Fernandes.
I am a psychic / medium and life coach.
My gifts to you are claircognizance, clairsentience and channeling. I am also an energy and soul reader, empath, intuitive medium, guide and mentor to all life transitioning, and a healer.  

I am an aura alchemy facilitator ( inner child work) .
I am also an angel card reader. My services to you include readings and healing sessions from within, counselling, guidance and goal setting, as well as providing you with information of your past, present and probable future life paths.

I help you see the truthfulness of who you are. I help you set goals, learn to speak your truth, find purpose in your existence and ways to learn self love. I guide you into understanding, healing and preparing your heart to strengthen it to receive the blessings that await you.

I would like to welcome the world with love. Thank you for the blessing of your existence.



Skype: anadaniel5


"I feel really good today! Despite the many things going on in my life, I feel like I am going in the right direction. Thanks for being part of my journey!!!"

-Becca Kinikin (04-11-2015)

"My session with Ana was very enlightening. She is very talented and helped show me the solution to what I was currently feeling my way out of. Not only was she capable of showing me the door but stayed with me as we walked through the threshold together. I was able to perceive the beauty in the other side of the door I perceived as closed. I feel energized, inspired, confident and renewed. I am grateful to meet and have Ana facilitate the healing of my whole being."

-Jodie Lynne‎ (08-11-2015)

"Thursday I had a lovely reading with Ana. I don't think I can put into words what it meant for me or how precious it was. Not only did I get to understand myself better, but I also saw things I never thought I could or would see. I found solace in her words as they clicked and made sense, and she guided me through the hazy waters of what I knew to be there and true and right but was too scared of acknowledging. Most importantly, I felt a connection with her and her caring for what I was going through, the empathy, and her true desire to help. I'm getting emotional writing this but thank you Ana, you know how much it's meant to me."

-Romy Velo (8-11 -2015)

"I would like to take a moment to honor Ana. I will be posting this on her website, but also wanted to share it here.
The other day I had an appointment with Ana. I am so grateful for all the time she spent with me. It was a life changing experience. The reason for the appointment was because of multiple traumas in one week, last week. Being in this business I knew this was the route to go to heal. She is amazingly talented and gifted. Even more so, she directly addressed the issues, and was correct on all information. And provided tons of new information and full explanations. From there she went right into healing. At every step she was calming, loving, and knowledgeable. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I walked away from this not only wanting to still live, but having hope. Her healing is exceptional. It is such a comfort speaking with someone who is brilliantly talented but still very human and realistic. I will be recommending her. I will continue with her. Her gifts are for people like me, I was devastated and traumatized. But the bigger picture is her help is for everyone. Because if you can heal now and have the experienced support you need, you may not have to go through all I did. All that incurred was to wake me up again in life. She is a trusted guide that provided an experience I will never forget. I walked away with hope again, understanding of why, and most importantly a plan. Bless her and every life she touches."

-Holly Ann ( 31-12-2015)

"Ana has a truly unique gift.
She sees beauty in everyone and she's able to bring it closer to us. She can bring you to yourself. Through symbols and metaphors and pictures and words almost like a poetry she can show you your true self. That which you were afraid to see because it's so powerful yet beautiful and real.
But not only that. She helps you to recognize your true passions and purpose and your journey to become yourself again. She guides you through each step that you can take to be more empowered and free.
Sessions with her are so incredibly catalyzing. It feels like finally understanding. It's like seeing yourself for the first time but at the same time recognizing that it was you all along. Be ready for a real change after talking with Ana. It will open your eyes and heart. She's an amazingly creative empathetic and dedicated soul. I highly recommend her to everyone!"

-Alena Alla Ilenčíková (28-11-2015)