Anna Yusim

Anna Yusim is a passionate psychic medium/healer, channel, teacher and animal communicator. Her spiritual gifts began as a young child sensing the presence of Angels, Ascended Masters and deceased loved ones. Anna’s early fascination for the Faery realm, including the Mermaid and Unicorn, led to a deep study and connection with these powerful beings later in life. Although she closed down these gifts for a period of time Anna experienced an overnight resurgence at twenty-two that strongly reawakened her psychic and spiritual abilities to know and heal. This brought about a dramatic change that allowed her to realize her true calling.

Anna has been practicing professionally for over five years and uses her spiritually-based career to further her passion of helping and serving others. She has since gone on to study and acquire many credentials to support her life’s purpose as a Lightworker including certification in IET, a powerful healing modality involving removing blocks on a cellular level with the assistance of the Angels. She has received her Reiki Master level attunement and uses these abilities to facilitate healing for clients all over the globe. Anna has a long history of providing excellent service for various psychic hotlines as well as within her private practice. Much of the loving compassion and empathy she transmits was developed from her own experiences facing difficulties and the great desire to help others navigate the obstacles in their lives. As a grounded healer, she combines intuition and ability with practical understanding to provide the highest quality of service. True to her gift, Anna communicates the messages she receives in a kind and compassionate manner and in understandable terms. She has a strong connection to Jesus, Mother Mary and the Angels and enjoys working with various Ascended Masters in her sessions. Anna trusts completely in the Divine guidance that speaks to and through her to provide light on the path you are seeking. There is no greater fulfillment for her than to see the positive and often life-altering effects in the lives of the people she is able to help.

Residing in sunny Southern California Anna fills her time with frequent daytrips to the ocean, reading as much as possible and taking long walks with her Chocolate Pie Dachshund, Lucky. She has an insatiable thirst for knowledge that enables her to consistently learn and improve her gifts and abilities. Anna has committed her life to helping heal and guide people like yourself along their path and looks forwards to connecting with you.

Price list: (see website for more detail on each service)

Angel Reading by email-One question-$30

Angel Reading -30 minute session-$55.55

Angel Reading-60 minute session-$100

Realm Reading-One email question-$40

IET Distance Energy Healing-$88

Usui Distance Reiki-60 minute session-$100

Usui Distance Reiki-30 minute session-$55

Mermaid and Dolphin Distance Reiki Treatment-60 minutes-$100

Dolphin Reiki Distance Treatment (babies and young children)-60 minutes $44.44

Dolphin Reiki Distance Treatment (adults)-30 minutes $55.55

Three Dolphin Reiki Distance Treatments ( children only)-60 minutes each-$122.22

Dolphin Reiki Distance Treatment-60 minutes-$77.77

Sekhmet Seichum Reiki-30 minutes distance-$35

Sekhmet Seichum Reiki-60 minutes distance-$60

Mother Mary Soul Retrieval-$175

Celtic Cross Tarot Readings-One question-$40

Relationship Spread Tarot Reading-One question-$40

Pet Spread Tarot Reading-$40

One Card Tarot Reading-One question-$15

Mother Mary Ancestral Healing (ask for pricing)


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