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I am a telepathic empath and medium. I channel spirit and also work with a crystal pendulum to channel answers from my three spirit guides and other spirits. My daughter is a psychic and my son is a telepathic empath like me.

I was born with gifts, although my parents did not understand them at the time. I enjoyed being alone in my treehouse reading books. The tree was my friend. School was difficult for me because I was always overwhelmed with everyone’s energy. I was constantly sick from kindergarten through high school. My mother wanted to take me to a psychiatrist but never did.

Although a loner, I found enjoyment in helping and encouraging people. After high school I earned bachelor degrees in education and psychology and went on to earn a master’s in psychology.

I tried teaching and counseling but both fields felt empty. I wanted to know, feel, and experience something deeper. I became involved in a religious cult but finally recognized that the leader’s ego was the driving force behind the movement. I broke away and lost all my friends and my marriage of 18 years.

I became an entrepreneur and started several businesses. While I achieved success through business, I was still searching for my purpose in life.

Then 10 years ago spirits became real to me. I began to see, hear, and feel them. I lived in a house with an earthbound spirit. This spirit wanted me out of the house. I went to a medium for help and the medium’s spirit guides told her that I “knew things.” This was the first clue I had about my gifts.

Then five years ago, when my mother died, I began searching for ways to communicate with her. That began the metamorphosis of me becoming who I am now. I read over 100 books on mediums, psychic phenomenon, quantum physics and energy. And of course, Erik Medhus is a part of my journey too! I read his books and listened to the 300+ Channeling Erik videos on YouTube. He started visiting me by waking me up in the night with the worst smells imaginable!!

I now help people connect with spirits for guidance and answers. It is not a vocation I chose. It chose me. But I now feel like I am home. I embrace my gifts and have found my life’s purpose.

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My pricing is $1 per question for email questions to spirit. (5 question minimum)

$10 for 10 minutes on Skype or $1 per minute for longer sessions.

Phone: 314-287-0163

I live in St. Louis, Missouri.