Caroline Bell


Hello my name is Caroline Bell

  • Basic and Advanced Hypnosis certification ( National guild of Hypnotist ) 
  • Usui Reiki I II and Master Level
  • Whole Brain Function NLP and live food nutrition Practitioner
  • Life Coach

I am passionate about my work allowing it to flow, helping my clients achieve their dreams. I am honored and grateful to be your guide. 

In my work I use different techniques depending on the client's needs with the knowing that the client has all the answers inside themselves. 

Over the years my dream has been to help and be of service. To open to the potential and birth it into existence.

 I am developing a program that will help individuals develop and connect with there many incarnations and learn to integrate there hearts, so as to lead a life from as heart centered awareness integrated and whole. I would like to offer my services to anyone wanting to delve a little deeper into them selfs. Deep gratitude to all the wonderful sentient beings who have encouraged , inspired and loved me along my journey.