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*** Any and all readings are confidential. ***

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I highly recommend Carrie Wilson as a Psychic-Medium. I have just received a very in-depth reading from her. Carrie was able to tune into my current emotional and mental states very accurately. Then she brought through three loved ones in spirit. All of her evidence was compelling, but there was one particular memory that I have been waiting to hear since my husband's passing. NO ONE could have known it besides my hubby. And today she brought it forward!. She is the real deal! Thank you, Carrie, from the bottom of my heart <3
- Pam- IL


I cannot thank Carrie enough for sharing in her abilities with me. 
I have received many readings in the past by other psychic mediums and energy healers, Carrie really stands above many of them. Her positive, loving and comforting presence really put me at ease. 
She brought through so many validations when connecting with my loved one in spirit. I truly know that she was communicating with my brother beyond a shadow of a doubt, which has brought me great comfort! She was spot on! And there was no way she could have known those things. So wonderful to know we are loved and supported from the spirit world.
I also have had several angel card readings from Carrie and she has been able to bring things through guidance and clarity in which I needed to focus on to get me through to move forward. 
I highly recommend Carrie to everyone and look forward to my next reading. 
-Nelly D- Florida


I have had several readings with Carrie. She delivers her readings with compassion and integrity. She has brought through information that only I would only know and blown my mind with the details she has provided. Carrie is always striving to be the best medium she can be, constantly honing her ability and taking classes by some of the best teachers/mediums in the UK.
Carrie is the medium to go to if you are looking for evidential, ethical and compassionate reading. God Bless her and her ability!!
-Kim From Leland ,NC


Carrie is such a caring individual. Her readings are spot on. I think so highly of her that I have no problem recommending her to others. You won't be disappointed.
-Kim , IA


Carrie has done me many readings and always takes her time to go in depth. She got my mother who has been gone 35 years and only ever came through a few times before. She has given me highly ethical, gentle and kind messages giving love and hope and I would recommend her to anyone.
-Mary, Scotland


Carrie is the first person that’s ever read the cards for me and I must say that she did a wonderful job. The explanations of the card she pulled for me all resonated and hit home in so many ways. It was a delightful and unexpectedly emotional experience. For anyone considering having a reading done, here is my advice: Be open to everything. Trust that Carrie knows what she is doing and that she will help guide you through the entire process with ease and compassion. Carrie is truly a beautiful soul and I’m blessed to know her.
-Carolyn, Georgia


I had a reading off Carrie Wilson today. And I can highly recommend her to anybody. Everything she was saying was spot on. My best friend came through and she was able to give me some lovely messages from him. She made sure it was 100% him before she went any further. Not only did u cry but I laughed as well. She is truly an amazing women to talk to. And she has truly put my mind at ease from all the guilt I have. Thank you so much Carrie I really appreciated everything you done. Xxxxxxxxx
-Saffron, U.K. 


Loved every minute of my reading! Would definitey recommend.
- Jenni, IA 




"Mediumship is a bridge between two worlds. This sacred communication is more than just messages. It is validation that once our physical body passes, our spirit lives on. The importance of receiving a message is that it gives us comfort knowing that the spirit of our friends, family, and loved ones are all around us and connected to us, eternally loving and guiding us as they continue on."
~ Unknown ~

My name is Carrie Wilson and I live in Oxford, Alabama. I am a mother of two, a fierce crafter & all around good girl. Back in October of 2013 my Mother bought me a pack of Rider- Waite Tarot cards and it seemed like from there everything for me 'opened ' back up again.

When I was a child I remember having experiences with Spirit, but in my mind the occurrences were just normal. I never realized that anything that was happening might be seen as different. As I grew up there was a lot of fear based teachings, because of this I believe I shut down and unknowingly closed myself off to Spirit communication.

I have been studying Evidential Mediumship for several years now and I am a certified Reiki II practitioner, who has also completed the foundation course in SD1 for Speaking and Demonstrating via the Spiritualists' National Union and The Intuitive Spiritual Development's Reflection to Realisation Program, as well as The Foundations of Mediumship with Nelly Indigo Light Duran. Additionally, I have completed a number of courses via The World Lenormand Association. 
My purpose in life is to bring healing to those who have experienced loss and to prove to them that their loved ones, while not here in the physical, still live on. What drives me is the want/need to let people know that they are not alone, and pass on Spirit's messages.

Spirit is with us always.