Celestine Grace


$80 for an hour session via skype or phone

$15 e-mail 1 question

My name is Celestine Grace. I am an intuitive medium , spiritual coach and a Certified Reiki Practitioner. I am also able to connect to live energy and work with the missing. 

I have always been aware and able to sense, feel and see energy and spirits. I am an open channel for spirit to communicate.  I receive the information in many ways, I can see, smell, hear and feel spirit.  I am given messages of love and healing from passed loved ones, spirit guides and other dimensional energies. Erik Medhus is one of my guides and helps make connections to people who need to hear messages of healing as well as connections to spirit.  I find that spirits who have crossed tragically are drawn to me as I am unafraid of the circumstances of their passing and can compassionately deliver the messages that are needed to begin the path to healing and living and loving again. As an empath I also get information about helping with physical and mental health.

As a spiritual coach I can assist with finding the path to loving yourself, forgiving (yourself and others) and moving on from a feeling of "Stuckedness" (Erik's word) to find a path to inner peace and self love. I will assist in determining what spiritual paths will assist their souls purpose in this incarnation.


"Having a reading by Celestine will blow you away. She was able to connect to my grandfather and describe him to me not only in looks but also in personality. She was even able to get his name right, which is amazing because the name is a Spanish name and she doesn't know Spanish. She was able to talk to my guides and even describe one of them who was a Mongolian warrior. She gave me details as to what he was wearing and even that he was holding a blade. She's is also able to get information regarding issues that might be affecting your health as well." 

-Elisa Herrera Wright

"LOL, I need that! Celestine is always connected to the spiritual realm. Her loving energy and the way she delivers the messages are very comforting. She is very patient and you can ask questions without feeling rushed. Celestine is gifted and she shares this with us. Erik is always with Celestine so between both of these beautiful beings you will find a most welcome experience. I highly recommend her!!!" 

-Pamela Wald Perkins