Craig Pace

I have been blessed to help others utilizing the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. This is a method developed by Delores Cannon She has honed a method of working with ones higher self to heal, often spontaneously, those who understand the lesson the ailment poses, over a 50 year period. This practice often entails life regression(s) as other lives may provoke cellular memory for the current life one is focused on. I have been in practice for 4 years now with many amazing results.



"Craig, you have given me a miracle!"
- S.T.
"I am so bouncy now, and light!"
- S.R.
"This is amazing, I want to do another one soon!"
- E.P.

"I'm feeling so much better with much more energy and (lol) I'm not eating so much! It's like I've been reborn or given a second chance at life!"

- S.R.


First session is $360 and the second session after that is $90 (sessions typically last 3-5 hours)


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