Deb Brown

I am an empath and Reiki II healer. I came into my gifts three years ago, when I received a Reiki I attunement. I then found ChannelingErik after a "full-bodied" visit from Erik Medhus. I wasn't aware of who he was at the time, but after hearing about Elisa's book, "My Son and the Afterlife," I started reading it. When I reached the halfway point, I clicked on the link to the blog and recognized Erik as the young man who visited me! He later said in a reading, "You were looking and I found you!" He did apologize for scaring the crap out of me, but his words were true, I was looking for something to feed my soul.

That single click started my CE journey and led me to Audie Herron, a very powerful healer and through his mentorship I began to explore my healing capabilities. Although Audie left this dimension a few months later, he now works with us remotely. I received my Reiki II attunement a year ago. 

Although I do not currently offer healing to the public, I have worked with animals, close friends and family. 

While I find crafting to be a bit frustrating and labor intensive at times, I have found it to be one more way to connect with spirit and grow my soul, as there is nothing more satisfying than doing the work you love.


About product

Recently, I have begun creating Reiki-infused crafts in the form of Chakra Orgone Pyramids and Tree-of Life Pendants. 

The 4-sided pyramids are about 3-4 inches wide at the base, and about the same in height. I fill them with real chakra crystals, metals, copper coils and quartz points. I also add metal charms such as dragonflies, tree-of life, hearts and Reiki power symbol. Basically, whatever resonates with my customer's needs. 

I have several ready made, but special order pyramids can take about 2-3 weeks to make and ship, allowing time for the resin to properly cure and any finishing work required. A tri-color lighted base is included to showcase the beauty of the pyramid at night. I find the color therapy alone to be very satisfying.

The pendants are about the size of a half dollar and made with either silver coated copper wire, or brass, and "leafed" with chakra chips in a variety of combinations. Pendants can usually be made and shipped within a week, unless the requested crystals are not readily available to me. 



  • Pyramid prices are $40 plus shipping
  • Pendants prices are $15 plus shipping


Please don't hesitate to contact me, either by Facebook Messenger, or by email: