Diane E. Gordon


1. 1 card reading $10

2. 3 card reading $25

3. 10 card/specific reading $55

4. crystal prescription $25

5. Long distance Kundalini Reiki or Chios

    30 min $30 or 60 min $60 

(which includes chakra balancing)


I have been able to see auras since I was a child. I was born without hip sockets and have had 22 hip surgeries, including 5 hip replacements. I have always felt healing/heat/buzzing energy in my hands. I got certified in integrative massage and found that people would comment about heat coming from my hands. They could feel my hands above them before I had even touched them. I realized that I tend you use my hands on myself and others in a healing way. So I got certified as a Kundalini Reiki master/teacher. I am also a certified Chios master, which is another energy healing modality. I have always been drawn to crystals and got certified through Hibiscus Moon Academy as a Master level crystal healer. A few years ago I had the privilege of being in the first class for Certified Angel Tarot Readers that Doreen Virtue taught in person. It was so great to learn from her and to be able to ask her questions. I have a collection of 32 decks of cards I use in readings. 

I am clairvoyant, Clairsentient, but mostly Clairaudient. I have heard my family members and friends after they have transitioned and have had some profound experiences with the spirit of my mother. I have no doubts or fears about physical death and know that all our loved ones are still within reach and our relationships can continue. 

When I do readings I always start with a one card drawing from the Earth Magic Deck, by Steven D. Farmer. (at no charge).  I hear spirit as I interpret the cards. I will write down what I hear, put it on video and email it to you.