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Medium and Spiritual Coach

Hello Everyone,

My name is Emanuelle McIntosh. I am an Intuitive Medium and Spiritual Coach. I am also a meditation and mindfulness teacher in Belgium. 

It all started when I was a little girl. I noticed that I was very sensitive to other people's energy and their feelings. I knew what their problems were before they even told me and that would help me to understand how I could help them. Sometimes when I would be alone in my bedroom or any other room I felt like I wasn't the only one there and that scared me. So much so that I blocked that awareness of spirits for a long time. Later on in life as I was struggling to pursue a “normal” daily life I found it hard to feel good about my job and life. I started looking into Buddhism and began my spiritual journey. I began helping my friends and colleagues finding their paths using Tarot card readings and discovered that helping peoples made me happy. As I became more and more in tune with myself I started receiving images in my head and hearing words.

Then one day I somehow ended up on a Channeling Erik youtube video and that changed my life. I started understanding the spiritual world and started getting pranked by Erik. During my meditations he started reaching out to me and he helped me to get over my fears. My husband and I finally followed our hearts and started our own meditation and mindfulness center. Now Erik guides us constantly and helps us to help our customers with their readings and meditation classes.

So during a reading I have contact with Erik and my 2 angel guides and I use the tarot cards as a help to better understand the information that I get through.


Just finished up with my first reading and I must say I am very pleased. She is the real deal! There is absolutely no way at all that she could have known all that she did. I wrote down 5 questions yesterday that I really wanted answers to and she answered every single one without me ever even having to ask! Erik even popped in!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, EMANUELLE!
~ Amanda Villarreal Cantu

Life changing. Emmanuelle managed to answer questions I have been wondering about for 30 years in under an hour flat! Highly recommended. I finally know why I am here and what I am meant to learn.Incredible experience and just like talking to a friend. Well recommended.
~Sian Day

Last Saturday I went to the CE event in Belgium, where I met the magnificent Emanuelle and Gerald McIntosh , the most amazing people I've ever met. They graciously invited my mother and me in their home, where Emanuelle, amongst other activities, channeled Erik for us. He was able to make me blush, which is something I complained about, as I've stopped blushing some time ago. He was just great. Then Emanuelle channeled one of my angels, who pictured me exactly as I am, an eye-opener for sure. My mother and I feel blessed for the energy and the experience, for the great people we met and also attended, and for our hosts. Thank you guys, you rock! thank you Erik for having been there. Oh, and btw, Emanuelle as a medium, she's beyond good!

-Chiara Beltrami Gottmer 

Today a had channeling with Emanuelle McIntosh, I was able talk to Erik and my higher self. Is was so amazing time for me thank you Emanuelle you help me a lot and thank you my dear Erik, I recommend make appointments with her , she so amazing , she so patient during channeling . Love you.

-Mita Ensan