Geri Hearne


Geri Hearne channels Source energy through Pink Ray of the Eloheim and Archangel Raphael. But what’s in a name? As Spirit always reminds us. It doesn’t matter what you call Source, it’s the message of light and love that is tantamount.

Geri has always been connected to Spirit, but wanted to experience the world as a TV News writer, reporter and producer. In 2006, Spirit called her back to her Soul to help others on their earth journeys. She continues her career in writing and is the author of several books. She created Joy Media for self publishing and producing to help other writers.

Geri uses a combination of oracle cards, automatic writing, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience and crystals to guide you in overcoming blocks and taking the next steps to achieve your goals. She gets inspiration as a medium with visits from deceased celebrities and loved ones.

Geri is trained in yoga, Reiki and Advanced Angel Card Reading.


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Testimonials for Geri Hearne Readings:

"Thank you so very much for your beautiful reading. You are right on and I must read and read your messages again."

"Your reading reminds me of the truth of my experience with work .. It reminded me that God does have a plan...This message .. has made me pay attention and take the message in fully. Thank you again and again"

"I am so glad I was sitting down when I read this! I had to re-read each sentence before moving to the next because it really was that powerful....and surprising"


Geri’s books include:

Today’s Top Story is a Four Letter Word

The I am Beautiful Journal (co authored with Graciela Zozaya)

The Texas Trivia Quiz Book (Warner books)

ebooks: Here is Heaven Now: 50 Ways to Experience Paradise Before You Croak

ebook The Joy Journal The Wisdom Journal

ebook Coming: The Jesus Tutorial on Healing, The Magic of Love, and Archangel Raphael’s Lessons for Living



Through January: Special Energy Reading for 2017 $4.99

Hearne’s Health Reading $99 Half Hour $55 Hour $99