Medium of the Week 

Megan Rohbock Covington

Week of December 7,2017

This week's featured medium Megan Covington

She is an Extrasensory Luminary-Medium, Channeled Healer and Spiritual Coach.  She uses her innate abilities under the benevolence of her guides, your light tribe, Transitioned Loved Ones, Angels, Ascended Beings to help you to align with your Source Energy and Healing Nature. Using the process of self love, together you can catalyze internal blocks to embrace the knowing of YOUR TRUTH, Your Light and the I AM Master of my soul within. Let’s transcend, catalyze and illuminate together.


OUr Mediums

Welcome to the home of the The Channeling Erik Mediums. We are a collective of psychics, mediums, energy healers, & spiritual/life coaches. Inspired by the mission of Erik Medhus & his mother Elisa Medhus, the CE Mediums work in accordance with Erik's message to help bring love & compassion to this world. Each medium works in their own unique way, so we invite you to take a tour, learn about Erik & his work & find the spiritual adviser who resonates for you personally. 

Creating your Heaven on Earth ~ By Megan Covington

Megan- Erik, what would you like to talk about on the featured article?

Erik-  Creating your Heaven on Earth and the accountability ONE needs to take for it.

Megan-  Beautiful!  That is really a running theme these past months with Spirit.  Let’s hear it.

Erik-So many people are saying “I want to have Heaven on Earth” but, they don’t want to be accountable for creating it.  It is as if they look outside their self and think it is magically going to appear to them.  Without the intent of paying attention to where they are directing their thoughts and emotions.  What you feel and think about, directing attention to, is what you bring about. 

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