Hue Anh Nguyen


My name is Hue anh Nguyen. Here are some short fun facts about me. I am Vietnamese born, an Aussie at heart, I call Australia home. I love traveling, and enjoy all nature activities. I am grateful for my husband and wonderful three children. My background is a Registered Nurse. I am an energy healer with over 20 years of experience. 


Are you a woman at the point in your career where you have the title and money but your relationship is in a scramble or feeling overwhelmed and out of balance?  I work with entrepreneur women who want to put love and juice in their relationship and create balance in their lives.

Relationships are challenging, especially when you are experiencing a lack of confidence and have a lot of difficulty trusting due to painful events in past relationships. When communication is feeling strained and you are feeling misunderstood, the romance also seems to disappear, and the last thing we can bear to think about is being intimate with our partner.  Why?  I work with women  to address the deep energetic blocks that cause us to struggle in relationships as well as in other areas of our life.

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