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$35 for a 30 minute reading


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Peace and God bless you!! 

My backround is: I was born in Hammond, Indiana in 1958 and grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. I grew up as a competitive gymnast. I was a Nevada State Champion and also ranked in the top 10 for my age group for National Champions for the Junior Olympics. For the Fittettes Gymnastic Team in the 1960's and 70's. We were Olympic hopefuls for the state of Nevada. Later into dancing in college as well as teaching and choreography. Also to perform for two university dance companies. Then to professional dance in Las Vegas , other cities and countries. To do a showcase then in Nassau, Bahamas for dance choreography. Then modeling and massage into massage full time while caring for my parents until their passing. I became ill and work with a disability now while working as a professional psychic. I enjoy doing volunteer work for friends , family and missing persons. I am married to my long time boyfriend Steve as we live with our fur children. Our golden lab Gypsy and darling cat KiKi!! Life is grand! It never ends!! Peace and love to you!! Sincerely, Jan

Hi! My name is Jan Drake Bakke. I am a Certified Psychic through the American Federation of Psychics and Mediums through my master teachers Psychic Mediums Jethro Smith and Patti Negri. I have had training also with master teacher Psychic Medium Jamie Butler from the Channeling Erik Blog and Group on facebook. She heads the Love and Light Center. Linda Irwin and Saundra Greene from the Unseen World group on facebook as well. Barbara Delong and so many others. I met Erik Medhus literally on the Channeling Erik blog several years ago. He is one of my beloved guides and spirit teachers.

I am a Psychic Intuitive and Empath. I am working on Mediumship as well while I work. I work with spirit animal totems and guides. The angelic and fairy realms. I hear songs and poetry and share them in the reading when they come through. Sometimes it just happens very quickly and sometimes it does not. It just flows as it will. I love working with the missing persons, animals and crime cases. I work with the police as needed. I use clairaudience, clairvoyance and sometimes smells for my strongest clairs so far. I try to work with all of them though. Prayer and meditation are how I do the readings. I work with these for everything I do.

This is a fairly new career for me. I have been doing readings for about four years now. I did an internship for a few years and now I am working professionally very slowly. I am always learning and trying to improve at this work. Presently, I am taking a class with Channeling Erik master Psychic Medium Mimi Bonhamme. I hope to help others in the best way I can through this work. It is my honor to and pleasure to. To find my website for readings the link is below. 


I also write poetry for an online magazine Gaylife Newsletter.com. My work has been published in a few books sold now by Barnes and Nobles. Also, my poetry is available for events, songs, videos, memorials and etc. Please check out another website I belong to for some of them.

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5-22-2015---Hey there Jan, Here is my testimony, "I came to Jan with some questions regarding school and stuff about my friends. She told me I will be receiving a passing score the following month and to be cautious about my friend from school. I was very shocked by her predictions because I didn't think that any of this could come true. I was having trouble learning the material in school, so my professors have advised me not to take the exam this year. Plus I have known my friend for ages so I trust him more than anything in the world. I decided to take Jan's advice and take the exam anyways, then the following month later, I received a passing score. Later on, I found out that my friend from school was spreading malicious rumors about me. I was surprised by how accurately she predicted this event. I have never in my life met a psychic this accurate and this skillful, and I do look forward to using her services again. ~Hilda W from California" God bless

~Hilda Wong


10-16-2015---Testimonials: “she told me about my own abilities and how to develop them. She also told me that all the fighting we are putting up to stay together will pay off in the long run, which is great news for us! Then we talked about one of my guides, who came through as Colin Firth, someone who's very much on this side, but that was probably due to my huge crush on Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. She said: "He touched your heart when you were very young, you were mesmerized by him!" which is true and which is something she could not have known, only one friend of mine knows about this... It was fantastic to have the validation, to know that it had never been just an illusion, that it's all real and not simply too good to be true. I'm a lucky girl and I was lucky enough to find Jan. Thank you very much for everything, you are great!

~Chiara Beltrami Gottmer from The Netherlands”


3-2-2016--I was fortunate enough to have a reading with the lovely Jan Drake Bakke over the weekend.  I wanted to show how she helped me. A situation had come up that was causing me great unhappiness.  I was confused at what to do and my life seemed at a standstill. I meditated and sought inner guidance from my being/guides but realized I needed help hearing them.  Jan agreed to help me and began meditating on me right away.  By the time we talked she had already been shown the situation and who it involved, what it involved, she felt my pain.  We spoke that day and then again the next day.  With the guidance, I was able to clearly understand the situation and resolve it in a loving way. Which was what was important to me.  The situation required a compromise which I realized was important to my growth. I realized the problem had ancestral roots, that was intended for me to work out for the rest of it here in this life.  Jan spoke to me about my spirit animals, my connection to nature, my spiritual strengths.  She helped me learn to TRUST in others and in myself, to discover the value of my feelings, how to be true to myself, while still being loving and kind to those I care about.  Jan Drake Bakke was SPOT ON about things in my life and offered guidance in my future.  She was kind and sincere in her interest in helping me.  I am very grateful to her. 

~Caroline McLemore


4-23-2016----Hi Jan, “I got an amazing animal totem and 30 minute reading from you last week and just wanted to say thank you again and send you my testimonial! Testimonial: I got an animal totem reading from Jan because it sounded fun but it turned into what I can only call a miracle. In 2007, I had a spiritual awakening and have since been looking for a medium who could help explain what happened to me or at least tell me if my interpretation was correct. I even asked Erik about this and he didn't want to answer for some reason. But out of the blue, Jan picked up something unusual during this animal totem reading and it blew up into the reading I had been looking for for almost 10 years. I initially got an animal totem reading but then got a 30 minute reading because of what was coming through and Jan had done overtime so it didn't seem fair. This was so much more than a $5 reading! Erik was there too. Jan was able to answer all the questions I had about my experience. She went overtime for both readings as this was a very special reading for me. I couldn't believe who came through in the readings. I still can't believe this reading is real. Thank you so much Jan! I would absolutely recommend her especially to anyone who wants to communicate with deceased animals. This was just an animal totem reading, I didn't have questions prepared so no "cold reading" was possible.

~Jean from New Jersey”


5-9-2016--“Wanted to say a BIG Thank-you to Jan Drake Bakke for THE MOST AWESOME reading! I don't even know where to start there was so much! LOL! Love the way she connects with animals and animal totems and then sends this detailed email explaining what your animal totems mean. It was all such a blessing! She was so right on with everything. I loved the whole session BUT my biggest surprise came when Sylvia Browne actually spoke to her and said out loud that I have 5 Angels with me! Jan did not know that Sylvia's books and lectures saved my life and put me on my spiritual path. At that point, the tears started. LOL! But in a good way. Of course where would we all be without the Super Bomb Erik! Who thinks I'm also the bomb. ha! So, everybody thinking about a reading, get with Jan Drake Bakke. She has a beautiful gift!

~Shelley Wilson Wulff from Missouri