Karen Whaley


 Mediumship Reading-$30.00

I am Karen Whaley. I grew up in a small central Pennsylvania town, in a house filled with Spirit activity. As a child I was terrified in my house. Spirits would come to my room nightly & I could feel them. My fear & lack of understanding led me to assumed that they were negative & dangerous. Mediumship development has helped me to realize that spirits know I can communicate with them & they come to me for help.

I was born a Physical Empath. As such I have the ability to take illness from others. Though I no longer choose to take any illness, I do have the ability to assist others in the healing process. 

I have always been able to sense the presence of Spirits. I have had several physical encounters with Spirits. Through Mediumship training, I discovered that I can communicate with Spirits. I also learned that nothing can ever touch or harm me unless I give them permission. Mediumship training has helped me to understand the transition that we call Death is NOT the end. Through Mediumship we can provide proof that life (in a different form) continues after death! 


Phone: 210-627-0448