Kathy Dench


I am an Intuitive Reiki Healer and coach. I do distance reiki and, in personal reiki sessions, I incorporate sound healing with crystal singing bowls and use essential oils and crystals. I am certified in the Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing (First, Second Degree, and Master Reiki) and hold certificates from Aspen Program Foundations for Psychic Development.

One of my gifts is to tap into a sitter's energetic field and receive information that I then depict in a water color painting.  This reading is accompanied by a report explaining what I was able to see, hear and feel.

I have certification in and have practiced Cognitive Coaching. I worked as a teacher and mentored and coached adults. As an Elementary Education and Early Childhood teacher I retired after thirty-two years working with children and families and have a Master’s Degree in Agency Counseling. Contact


Intuitive Reading/Coaching session or ask a question

Phone/Skype/Messenger or email session:

-$35 USD for 30 minutes

-$50 USD for 45 minutes

-$65 USD for 60 minutes

Email Consultation:

-$25 USD for 1 question

-$40 USD for 2 questions

-$60 USD for 3 questions

 Distance or in person Reiki Sessions

-$30 USD for 30 minutes

-$60 USD for 60 minutes

Aura/Energetic Field Painting and Report

$60 USD

Includes Water Color painting depicting what is seen and felt in the sitter's energetic field and a  typed report