Laura Talian

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I am a Tarot /Oracle card reader. I started reading Tarot cards in 1998, life happened and I stepped away from my path.  In 2015 I found my way back to my path and have been growing ever since. Through this journey I have had the pleasure of watching others awaken and grow in their own gifts, as well as met some fantastic people. I have had a lot of great validation from people who have sought guidance with me. I am still working on a number of my other skills and abilities, but enjoy sharing my Tarot Skills with others.

 Connecting with my Spirit team and working with Erik has been life altering, and continues to enhance my growth and development.

I offer a variety of Card Readings:

General Guidance – (9 card reading)

Questions about romance, court cases, souls purpose, crisis etc. (3-5 card reading)

12 Month Spread or New Year Spread

Past, Present Future (3 card)

      Month or Week ahead       

$10 - $20 USD/CDN via E-Transfer

  * All readings are sent via email

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