Lisa Quinlan

Medium, Empath and Medical Intuitive

Lisa has grown up knowing that she could feel, hear and see Spirit Energy. It was perfectly normal to her since her mother and grandmother experienced the exact same things. She didn't realize she was "different" until middle school. She kept quiet about her abilities and didn't pursue them until college; where she was pulled in the direction of medicine and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. By using all of her gifts together, Lisa has become an accomplished Medium, Empath and Medical Intuitive. She is currently working on a book about Hospice and assisting those who are preparing to transition.


Regular Pricing

Readings are done through Skype, email, or Facebook Messenger


Dear Friends! My readings tend to run longer than the set 45 minutes so I am changing my fee and time schedule to better serve you!! Effective Monday, January 23rd, my readings will be $40 for one hour!! If you want to know why I have done this (more in depth) just message me!! Love, Light and Hugs to all of you!! Lisa




To contact Lisa, send her a message on Facebook or email her. Give her your email address and she will send you a PayPal invoice. Her time zone is EST, and she prefers to work in the evenings. Then you both can decide on a date together. She prefers to work via Skype or FaceTime.