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Hi, thanks for dropping by... I am an artist, musician, natural healer and psychic intuitive who has been in touch with the spirit world since childhood. Using writing, images, sound & light, I work as a medium, bringing through messages & guidance from spirit to those seeking answers. To get an idea of how it all works, join me, Jan Drake Bakke, Lori Connell, Sue Fields DÁlimonte & guests every Friday night at 8pm EST 5pm PST for a free mini reading on the "Enter the Light" radio show .

I offer readings by Phone, Skype, Email & Facebook. Please visit my website for info on readings & more:

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Testimonial #1: 

"Lynn is not only highly intuitive, she also gives vividly detailed messages and does so in a loving way.”

Catarina Campagna


Testimonial #2

I'd like to give a testimonial for Lynn Bleasdale. I met her through mutual friends and we would all get together on a Skype call weekly. Lynn would do the most amazing readings and is always spot on! One of the readings that comes to mind immediately is a reading where she not only connected with my brother in law Bob, but also wrote a written message that looked identical to his handwriting. He had a very unique style and was easily recognizable. Everything that was written had a backward slant. I immediately knew that it was Bob coming through. Also she would use a flashlight to connect to spirit. We would all like witness the most amazing connections that Lynn would bring through via our cameras. She is like no other. She is amazing, incredibly gifted and is now part of the Sacred Embers Network. I am so blessed by our connection.


DC Love


Testimonial #3

It's so weird that you picked up on all the information that you did regarding a job and love...Overall you were dead on with what you picked up so thank you!   

Tela C.