Mariana Fae



Mariana is an intuitive, healer, life coach and artist who provides guidance for people all around the world and who facilitates healing and empowerment. 

Mariana believes that being in our power is our birthright. She wants to help you empower yourself like she empowered herself alongside many others.  




·      Written Psychic Readings:

You can do written psychic readings with Mariana. You can ask about
your life purpose, love life, career, current situations, messages from spirit and past lives.


·      Art:

You can get your soul or spirit guide drawn by Mariana.


·      Coaching:

You can do one-on-one coaching sessions on Skype with Mariana.







I purchased a Life Path Report from Mariana Fae, and I received way more than I expected. Aside from receiving validation on what I believe I am meant to do here, she allowed me to learn where the root of my challenges stem from, and ways to work past them. I recieved auric information, cosmic information, some past life information, and I also recieved guidance from different aspects of me, which I really needed to hear. Thank you, Mariana, for all that you do.

Britany Ashby



I cant tell you how relieved I feel about my reading. All my doubts and concerns have been answered accurately. Things I felt and knew deep down where mentioned by my Guides and Archangels that she had channeled. I feel blessed and touched by the Angels! Thank you Mariana for doing all the work to help others like myself, it will never go unnoticed.

Anna Arguello



When I first booked a session with Mariana I was so scared and skeptic about the whole thing, I was still very new to this spiritual movement. However, had been mediating for about year and through that I had managed to contact my main spirit guide. Therefore when Mariana spoke to me about my guide, I was able to confirm that she was the real deal and my walls came down. For the rest of the session we spoke about my other guides and my life purpose which brought me into this state of realisation. I like her honesty and the gentle way she approach me cause I was quite nervous. I think she incredibly gifted and would recommend her to all of you who are looking for answers and are to feel empowered. Mariana has a beautiful ability to empower people with her gift, which is what I personally took from the session. Thank you so much Mariana, you're an angel on earth.

Daniela Duque




Working with Mariana was an absolute pleasure! She is the REAL DEAL! Immediately she was able to connect with my spirit guides and angels, giving me detailed descriptions, names, and messages from them that have incredible profound insight on my life at the moment and the major challenges I am facing. She has helped me to find clarity with my life purpose and to see the specific blockages and traumatic wounds that are at the root of my current challenges. I highly recommend Mariana if you are in need of some guidance, healing, and deep spiritual insight! Thank you Mariana, you are a very talented, beautiful lightworker and I am so grateful for your help


Christopher Frechette



Mariana is an AMAZING clairvoyant! She is very in-tune with nature, and does a great job of feeling into your energy in order to direct you toward healing and alignment.
She did a drawing of my Pleiadian aspect, and OMG she is legit! Her artwork is a gift in and of itself, but after meditating on the drawing she did, I actually started to receive downloads into my spirit, and I was even able to interpret the Light Language done in the drawing. If you're looking for a psychic with legit talent, I highly recommend you check out Mariana's services. She offers quite a lot, and there's always something that's perfect just for you

Andre Perry