Marianne Steele

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If you believe that a shift in consciousness can lead to global transformation and human evolution then you are ready for a profound shift in awareness.

I'm Marianne, the creator of Pacific Spirit. A place of complete transformational healing throughReconnective Healing®, a place where you can reawaken your power and live your inspired life.

Like most people, you probably have moments in your life where you feel deeply connected to your soul, fully alive, and more able to act from a place of compassion and purpose. But those moments can be far to fleeting because of today's fast paced work environment causing stresson the job and at home, it can become more difficult to reconnect to that peaceful part of you.

I should know from my own experience leaving a physically emotionally and sexually abusive home at the age of 14. I went sent to Asia to work as a dancer for various gangster elements there and existed as their property until I could buy my own freedom back. During that time I had many life saving interventions from angels and guides. Later my training with a buddhist priest in Japan I learned how to expand spiritually. And now working with the frequencies of Reconnective Healing I am home in my heart.

With Reconnective Healing you'll enter into a place of peace and contentment almost immediately just experiencing the frequencies of this truly amazing healing modality.

Those whom I have facilitated sessions for either in person or as a distance healing, say it has provided them with a deeper understanding of themselves and why they are here, and a clarity about how to finally create a life that expresses their truest self.

So if you would like to live from that divine place in each and every moment of your life, contact me today and I would be happy to facilitate a Reconnective healing Distance session for you and show you the way to live in peace clarity and creativity.

Reconnective Healing opens the door to a timeless knowing of our innate greatness. I am here to facilitate the experience of this wonderful work for you. Reconnective Healing is more than energy healing as it expands into a new system of light and information that is available to everyone.