Megan Covington


I am a Practicing Energetic Vibration Guide. Spirit translator, Light Healer and Clear Conduit Channel.  Using my innate abilities, under the benevolence of my guides, your guides and Ascended Beings we help all to align with Source Energy and Healing Nature.  We catalyze you to embrace the internal knowing of your Truth, your Light and the I AM power within.

Messages, Modalities, Symbols received through your transitioned loved ones, guides of many aspects and Angels. Recognizing, elevating, expanding, healing, growing and ultimately BELIEVING.  Guiding you to step into your essence.  

So set your intention and BELIEVE!  Remember, Energy is not Created or Destroyed, only AMPLIFIED.  Let's transmute, transcend and illuminate together.


Contact me via Facebook or pm to join my group or to schedule an appointment.


Megan Rohbock Covington

Facebook Group EVE-Energetic Vibrational Enlightenment

EVE-Energetic Vibrational Elevation-A group started to be able to make contact with others looking for ANY energetic enhancement of self.  A group of souls looking to contribute to each other's lives with a Positive, Loving, Compassionate Outlook, towards humanity, transitioned souls and transcended multidimensional light beings.


Megan Covington, All I can say is Wow! I have needed the messages you brought to me for a long time. Forgiving myself and the situation with Arthur has been very difficult to do until today! I can now move forward and receive all if the beautiful things Spirit has in store for me!! Here is my Artie so you can see his beautiful face as well as his amazing and beautiful soul!! So much love to you my new friend!   -Milann Aldag

I had my reading with Megan this morning. It was amazing. She found that my energy was split in all directions, which is EXACTLY how I've been feeling. She asked for it to be patched up and now it is. When she was done, or thought she was, they showed her a book that they had "given" me and said, "Tell her to keep writing. She is the co-creator." That was so phenomenal because I've been participating in a class in which I am literally writing about the life I am working to create. Megan had no idea about this class! It was really cute, too, because they said they gave me the book to write in. It's actually a little notebook that I picked up at Dollar General! BUT, on the cover it says, "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams." I remember thinking, "Wow....I can't believe I found this here." Evidently,Spirit doesn't care if you're at Dollar General or a fancy stationery store!

Thank you so much, Megan. I loved it and am looking forward to more of you and everything else! XOXO  -Leah Smith Torti

Wow! Thats what I have to say about my reading with Megan! She made me feel so comfortable right off the bat! The info she gave me was very enlightening...a past life as an ET (with cat eyes and wings!) She told me of a new beginning that will happen when I meet another soulmate. Things I needed to hear to get my being in order...I was truly amazed when my brother -n-law came to her and she could smell car oil and knew he had died a tragic death (He took his life in his car) but told her he is in a beautiful place now! Do yourself a favor and book a reading with Megan!! She's for reals!!!  -Sharon Young

I've been very fortunate to experience many positive moments with Megan. Megan and I have grown as close friends overtime and I cherished every moment with her and her beautiful family before they moved. After spending some time at her house we began to discuss family and loved ones who were no longer with us, I shared with her that I was not able to say goodbye to my Granny before she passed, and that I truly hoped she knew how much I loved her. Megan began to tell me that she was seeing a woman in a purple outfit who she believed to be my Granny. She had asked if that meant anything to me. There's this specific photo I always remember of the two of us taken in my parents backyard where she is wearing a purple outfit. I immediately started crying with so much emotions. Megan was able to ease my heavy heart by answering questions I had held on to for so long. You will cherish every moment with Megan just as I did and will do in the future. -Chelsee Miles Beltran

Megan knows her stuff. I recommend anyone to contact her for insight. She has shown me deep truths about myself. Very grateful! -Jamin Olivencia

I had a session with Megan last week and I wanted to share about it. After doing some healing work on me, we Skyped while she shared with me what she saw. It seems my solar plexus is still shouting out for me to claim my power. I’ve heard this same message before and I always thought it meant to claim my healing powers. Now I get it. Claiming my power simply means get up off my ass and DO. So guess what, I got up off my ass and I’m DOING. Details soon. 
 Megan saw dark spots on my heart chakra and worked to clear those out. She saw something being pulled from my toes and I’ve been having some minor piggy problems. I also channel through my feet so it could have had something to do with that. The foot message she got was ambiguous but either way, she was right: Something is going on with my feet. 
She saw symbols and was given messages that I too would begin to see symbols. I was happy about this because while I enjoy my unstructured healing methods, symbols may help me intuit issues my clients are having and further guide me. Besides, who doesn’t want to see visions of symbols?
I really enjoyed my session with Megan. She gave me visuals to use, such as golden rings of energy to surround myself in. She gave me affirmations and taught me phrases to say to my guides to help me help myself and others. She was kind and personable and I feel like I made a friend that day. She lives not too far; I intuit a lunch date in the near future! Maybe a meet halfway between us during bluebonnet season! 
 There is no doubt this girl’s got the goods. After our session, I felt empowered and took on a project that would have overwhelmed me only a few months ago. I guess that golden ring around my solar plexus did the trick. ♡ Do yourself a favor and book a session with Megan. -Kari Mena

 I just had my reading with Megan and I was blown away. She was able to communicate with some of my guides and the descriptions of them were amazing! It's so fun and encouraging to be able to visualize some of the people on my dream team. Everything she said just clicked and made sense, even if it didn't make sense to her when she said it. The energy work and healing was such a blessing. Thank you Megan!! You have such a beautiful and amazing gift and I'm so glad you are sharing it with the world.

-Kara Hill Kelly

Thank you Megan, for all of the insight and love you directed towards my heart in our session today. Guys, she is truly amazing! I couldn't have asked for a more direct and clear answer to any of the questions I had about myself. I'm truly blessed to live in an era where this is possible! Love and light to all. -Jake LaFramboise

Megan is also recommended by Pamela Aaralyn.