Michael Christopher


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Hello, I’m Michael Christopher and I am an Evidential Medium.

I have been fascinated with the world of mediums for as long as I can remember.  As I grew older, I found myself captivated by the words and abilities of mediums like Sylvia Browne, James Van Praagh and John Edward. How wonderful it must be to help others, I thought. I had no idea that one day I, too would be reuniting family members and friends to those they miss.

Although I could hear voices, I dismissed the mutterings, believing it to be the chattering of an overactive mind.  But the voices were getting louder, stronger, inviting me to further explore the other side. At first I was excited and intrigued but, like all things we do not yet understand, there was fear. How can I possibly do this?  But events were unfolding that led me closer to my calling. 

Then with the tragic passing of my sister, I was pushed even further.  The pain of never getting the opportunity to meet her during this life caused me much grief. As a career server in the military, much of my adult life

Was spent away from family and friends. I was away from her world, but only in the physical.

One morning while making breakfast, I felt the gentleness of arms wrapping around me and a head on my shoulder.  It was so real and so comforting.  I knew at that moment, it was my sister. This was more than confirmation to me, this was my new reality!

My journey involves many incidences which granted me access to higher states of consciousness. I now understand these events were perfectly aligned in order for me to develop and grow into the medium that I am.

Please let me share my gift with you.

Thank You