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My name is Michelle Gray. I am a Spiritual Psychic Medium and Coach, Intuitive, Empath, Art Channel and Reiki Master. I write and also do public speaking events.

I was extremely intuitive and empathic as a child and spent many years not understanding who I was. I have always been drawn to the paranormal and would eventually reconnect with my spirituality in my late teens. My path was detoured in my early 20s when I became a wife, and a mom.

At age 24 I was diagnosed with an incurable hereditary disease that I was told would claim my mobility each year as I grew older. Pain and health issues landed me with a Prescription pill addiction to opioids for 5 years that nearly destroyed my life. I wrote a letter to God and begged for my pain to stop and I would step up to my calling and be who I was supposed to be and that I would dedicate my life to help others. I received the help I needed and life was on the mend.

We added our 4th child. A son to our 3 girls. He is our miracle. He was born premature and after some time in the NICU, we once again were ready to heal and continue our life. On May 15 2014, I was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer and started 6 months of Chemotherapy , a 12 hour mastectomy and reconstruction followed by 28 rounds of radiation.

The fight of my life was my surrender to the Universe to no longer deny my spirituality and to embrace the power of who I truly am so that I can help others find the power of who they really are.

After being Introduced To Channeling Erik through a host of Synchronicities, My life in that moment had forever changed. Erik has brought a perspective that I have longed for and I am forever grateful for his guidance and continued friendship. I now have the great opportunity to share my story to help others that are facing times that are tough, and help to show that spirit and the innate power we all posses can transform your life to be something better then you can possibly imagine.

We are all on a Journey. There is no coincidence that you are here, and myself and my spirit team are looking forward to connecting with you! ❤




Booking a reading with Michelle

Sessions...... 1 hour ~ $110 US

30 min  ….~ $55.00 US.



SPIRITUAL ART CHANNELING is a beautiful expression

from your Spirit team and Loved ones. I connect to your energy

and ask for your Spirit team to step forward, and to channel through me to

bring messages, guidance and hope to help the Healing process. SPIRIT has worked through me in magical ways and the art that you receive often reveals more to you as time goes on.

Intuitive Art 8 X 10……….50.00

Larger Sized Paintings start at ……$250.00 and up.

Please contact for information Regarding bookings for Public speaking.

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" I had an amazing 2 hour session with Michelle this evening. She gave me guidance and support I have hoped for and answered all my questions. I have been so busy and stressed out running around without having a clear though in my mind about anything that is happening in my life and Michelle have given me peace of mind and insights into my situation. Would recommend to everyone, any time and for any concern Thank you Michelle! Hope to speak to you again Elena