Monique Bechard

Reiki Master/Teacher~Spiritual Intuitive Medium~Coach

Reiki Master/Teacher~Spiritual Intuitive Medium~Coach


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I am a Spiritual Psychic Intuitive Medium, Healer & Coach

I started my awakening in Oct  2015. It has been a fast and wild ride of spiritual growth in which I am fortunate enough to share and help heal and spread light to many lives. My calling is to help others awaken and aide in healing in all forms.  I have had many highs and lows that have shaped me into the person I am today. I fully believe that all light workers like us, are born from a darkness. I have escaped a cult, ran away from home, been a teenage mom, lived in poverty and so much more. These experiences combined with connecting to your spirit team allow me to heal you " body mind and soul " through coaching, energy work and readings.  I work with Erik, HS's, Spirit, Angels, Galactic beings and Reiki Source.

Finding and working with Erik has been life changing. He has been a big part of my awakening and development. Him and I work closely together, and he always likes to give his 2cents worth in most readings. I can connect with your Spirit Team

Not every person requires the same service. You pay for your time with me. Your session could include energy work only or a combination of coaching / energy work and messages from spirit. I like to have a quick chat with you and your spirit team to determine what it is your soul is in need of. 



$55 USD/CDN 30Mins

$80 USD/CDN for 1 Hour

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* Reiki Classes are happening now ! Reiki 1 & 2 & Master & Animal Reiki. Contact me for more info on how to become your own Reiki Practitioner.








My experience with Monique was the result of several coincidences. I'm a naturally sceptical person and had always considered Reiki and all other esoteric stuff as "mambo jambo" designed to extort money from bored housewives, especially when there are claims that the physical distance is irrelevant. Nevertheless, based on feedback from people I know and trust I decided to give it a go. I did my best to keep an open mind since that was pretty much the only requirement for the process. To my enormous surprise, the reading highlighted several character features and even physical problems that are not known to many of my acquaintances let alone someone in another continent. And these were not general remarks that could fit any profile (like the horoscopes in magazines for examples) they were very concrete and accurate. My logical mind still struggles to find arguments that this this does not make any sense, but the fact is that from my experience all I can say is that it does work and it can help people to improve their well-being.

~Alfredo from Luxembourg 


I was inspired to show  <3 to myself by having a 30 minute healing and full card reading from Monique Bechard and it was amazing!
In my card reading I was shown "Animal Kingdom" and "Believe". This meant a lot to me. I am active in pet rescue and my heart has been drawn to animal communication, wanting to help the animals and learn from them.Monique confirmed the animals are beckoning - with lessons to teach about letting go of the past, enjoying a playful life, and unconditional love. The "Believe" card was pulled to remind me to stop trying to determine what was possible or impossible. Monique reminded me that spirit is running through me, that I'm meant to live a happy, abundant life, to trust that there is more waiting for me to accept and enjoy! :) My third card was "Embrace the Moment" - this was sooo cool because my question was 'what do I need to embrace more?" haha! I loved it. And I realized "embracing the moment" is exactly how animals live, too. They don't worry or question, they play and rest and love.
Monique also gave me a detailed Reiki report - observations and recommendations for continued healing that were specific and direct. As a bonus my Higher Self came through with a message of such love, I felt I could fly, which is what she encouraged me to do! :)
I suspected I am like many others...we get busy, we forget how important we are, and we don't show care to ourselves when we have a chance. I encourage you to show love to yourself by booking a Reiki healing/card reading with Monique Bechard. She is very gifted and sincere in her care of you. Thank you! <3

~Caroline McLemore from United States


It is most definitely 100% your calling Monique !!! You put our whole family at ease today! You answered all of our questions and allowed our kids to take part and for that I cant't thank you enough! We will be seeing you very soon !! I will be telling everyone to go and see you!! It was the best decision ever for our family <3 Looking forward to working with you going forward Monique!! Thanks again.

~The Conant Family from Ontario, Canada


Accurate * Great pricing * Precise

I received an oracle card reading, spiritual coaching and a Reiki health scan from Monique. She gets to the heart of the matter quickly! She was very specific with career info, health status and character traits I need to work on. Monique provided detailed info so I can continue to evolve happily. She is very talented & tapped into universal information. If anything new comes up, I will be contacting Monique again for clarity! Thank you again Monique!

~Natasha Scott from Ontario, Canada