Natasha Scott


Healer and Palm Reader


Happiness Coach

Sessions by Skype

**Our first session will be a COMPLIMENTARY 30 MINUTES so we can find out what it is you are looking for and how it is that I can assist you. I look forward to meeting you.

60 Minutes $75 CAD

Please send payment to: to Paypal

Distance Intuitive Energy Healing


 25 Minutes $50 CAD

 35 Minutes $70 CAD

 45 Minutes $90 CAD

 Palmistry Readings:

 $40 CAD for a report or in Person Reading.

 Please add $20 CAD to report cost if you would also like an appointment with me in person too. I live in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada so you can see me in person if you live in the surrounding Tri-Cities.

Please send payment to

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Happiness Coach

Your life purpose is to be happy and enjoy inner peace!

As an Intuitive Counselor and Happiness Coach, my goal is to assist you in aligning with your soul’s purpose, and release any limiting beliefs, so you can truly love your life.

For me, happiness and inner peace is everything, it is the essence of life. I love helping my clients to find their inner peace and joy so they can stay happy and flourish in every area of their lives.


Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing treats the whole person, and it creates feelings of relaxation, peace, and general well-being. This healing modality allows for exceptional healing on all levels; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. These energies & light frequencies are easily received and yet they are extraordinarily powerful, offering the opportunity for remarkable healings to unfold.

Your Hands: A Personal Blueprint

Throughout our lifetime, our palms register a variety of events and experiences in your past, now and into the future. The wealth of information found in your palms is remarkably accurate and the amount of detail revealed is astonishing.

 Just over 20 years ago I started buying or reading all the palmistry books I could get my hands on. I had to know why the mysterious map on our hands could explain so much about us. My palm reading skills have evolved and I now receive psychic information while studying palms.

 Now, when I look at someone’s hands now, the overall energy pattern of the individual jumps out at me. I have now been able to interpret what various unusual markings indicate on a palm that I have not read or heard about because I keep track of these patterns & the feedback I get from my international clients. With over 20 years experience, I seek to help you unravel the mysteries in your hands.


Intuitive Healings

Preparation for a difficult surgery: "Hey Natasha, I can't thank you enough.  Your generosity and love are so greatly appreciated. It was wonderful to feel you coming through and releasing so many stuck energies in my body.  It was an amazing experience to share the same space with you.  I truly believe that the work you did helped me through a most difficult surgery with flying colours. I felt a tremendous sense of love and well-being following our sessions that holds my heart open still.  There is such a oneness with the universe that is hard to explain.  Sometimes the greatest healings we receive are not the ones we expect.  Thanks." ~Dave B.


Relief from neck & back pain: “Three healings were done on me for neck pain after a cycling accident. That healed right away and I was thrilled. A few weeks later I contacted Natasha to tell her the back pain that I had had for over 15 years had completely disappeared and I hadn’t noticed it at first. Now I go for regular bike rides and I truly have my life back.” ~ Mark S.

Source (God) flowing through completely: “Thank you for facilitating this for me. When the healing began, I felt a lot of shifting of energies within me. That continued for some time generally all over my being, and then the energy seemed to focus in on specific chakras in turn: heart, third eye, crown and throat. Then it was like someone was taking a caulk gun and filling in cracks I didn’t know I had. Towards the end I saw myself being filled with a column of bright white fire, and I asked my guides what was going on, and received the answer that I was filling myself with my own essence.”  ~ J. Hunter


Palmistry Readings

Couples Palmistry Reading

“Truly talented reader and intuitive! Thank you dear Natasha for lightening up our life paths! During my birthday my husband made me a surprise and we both had our individual palm readings as well as a reading for couple compatibility. I was really impressed with the precision and deep intuition of yours! It was incredible to see that every single thing about our life and personality is reflected in our hands. Natasha guided us on what in our life we should concentrate on as the success is waiting for us there. As well as advice on how to make our personality flourish and shape our future. I really waited for compatibility reading with excitement and slight nervousness and when we got it I was so happy! It shows how we complete each other and help each other grow. As well as little part about what is possibly awaiting for us! Thank you so much Natasha! You are truly into it. You see little details I would never think someone could understand from looking into the palm! I highly recommend your services to anyone, it’s a great guidance in life! It helped us to know ourselves better.” ~ Ieva Nalini & Chris Reyes, Montreal, Canada

Palmistry Readings

“Natasha, thank you so much for the wonderful palm reading. You are very accurate and you have a natural ability which you know how to use in connection with your intuition and psychic gifts. You were spot on, on my personality traits. I am very impressed overall with the reading. I highly recommend you. You are kind, polite and considerate. A beautiful soul. You pay attention to detail and care to every word you say. Thank you so much.” ~ A. Fernandes

 “I highly recommend Natasha’s palm reading services. My reading was very accurate and it also made me notice many things that I was not paying attention to. This realization helped me a lot in being more aware of myself and my goals. It was very beneficial to me and I encourage those who are curious or who simply would like to know if their hands have any message for them to try it.” ~ Mariana S.