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I am the Author of Escaping Apartheid: A Letter to My Mother. I am a blogger.  I am a Spiritual Energy Healer. I will channel Healing Energies of Archangel Michael and My Beings of Light Healing Team for you.  I may also give you insights that come through for you, during the healing session. We will do this via Skype or Facebook Messenger. I can also send you Distant or Absent Healing which means that we will agree on a time, preferably during your night time, or a time when you are quietly resting. Distant or Absent Healing crosses oceans, it does not matter where you are in the world.

What Are Some Of The BENEFITS to You?

The feedback I have received from clients is release of stress levels and they have found themselves calmer and feeling positive. Their money issues have lessened. Physical conditions have improved if not disappeared, and emotional issues have been replaced by vitality and a brighter view of life.

 How Often to Have Energy Healing? You may just require a minimum of one session which may bring instant results and clarification. However, depending on your receptivity, more sessions may be beneficial.


My intention is to channel the purest vibration of communication for you, for your support and guidance from Beings of Love and Light. The information will be what you personally need for your own ascension, growth and expansion. It may be in the form of a meditation, affirmations or straightforward guidance, whatever is right for you at this time.


Nomanono's Recipe For Happiness (an additional service available from Nomanono which Erik requested she include here)

Yes!  It is time to let go of anger and resentment and remember the Joy, Happiness and Love you are.

Each day for 10 days, you will receive an installment via email where Nomanono will help you discover:

-How to embrace ALL your feelings completely

-The breathing techniques which will make all the difference

-The power of meditation and how to achieve that stillness even if you have a busy, non-stop mind

-Techniques which will instantly lift your mood

-The simple principle which transforms everything

Each installment is between 5 to 10 minutes long.  These are audios delivered in video format.  You can listen to each installment at your leisure as many times as you wish.

The Benefits to You:

-Connect with the happiness and joy always within you

-Find peace in every situation

-Find how to recognise and release resistance

-Raise your vibration to one of happiness and joy

-Completely de-stress your life

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This is what Audrey S said about her experience:

 "Nomanono, thank you for my session. I was not sure what to expect. The meditation and messages I got were inspiring and clarifying. You certainly have a very good connection with Non-Physical as you connected me with: Archangel Michael, Goddess Isis, Lord Melchizedek, Master Jesus, The Pleiadians and The Rainbow Dolphins of Lemuria. I have found food for thought and clarity with what this year holds and my purpose in this life. Nomanono, bless you. thank You and Your Guides for an enlightening session."



For a 30 minutes session - Channeled Healing with Archangel Michael you pay £30.00

For a 60 minutes session - Channeled Healing with Archangel Michael you pay £60.00

For a 60 minutes session - Personal Channeled Communication  you pay £45.00


I am also certified in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki method of Natural Healing, attained Third Degree and Master Reiki Practitioner Level. I am a Healer Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers – The Healing Trust of the United Kingdom.

 My previous professions are as a Primary School Teacher and an Accounting Technician.


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