Stand firm on the foundation built by your ancestral heritage ~ By Vuyiswa

Owning your heart and offering your service to the world with love


I was born in Apartheid ruled South Africa in the late 50s, and spent my formative first 10 years in Africa before moving to the UK. As an empath, I know that I have a fairly universal understanding of people. I have always been aware of my intuitive abilities and come from a culture that is accepting of our multi-dimensional connections. We call them "the Ancestors" in a variety of forms. We have traditional rituals to help ground our knowing and sense of collective identity, thus I wear my tribal colours with a deep and open pride. Outside African traditions I have explored the so-called New Age movement and have always been inspired by seeking an answer to a question I asked at age 7; "What is the role of emotions?". Seeking that answer is really how I bumped into teachers and healers that I resonate with from all realms.


When asked to share an Erik inspired experience, I tuned into Erik. I feel him like a mum loves a child and was inspired to draw some cards that also give a flavour of the tools I like to play with. Erik has been energetically supportive of late as I have been navigating one of the most challenging transitional experiences  of my life. Answering this question for the blog is the first time we have zoomed in this close together on a specific task. I pulled a card spread with a deck system called the Lenormand. It differs from traditional tarot because it answers very directly what will occur based on how I am running my energy now. Tarot gives a deep explanation of the emotional current behind events. Lenormand will just tell ya yes, or no with sometimes astounding clarity. Check it out on Google. Great fun system.


Erik passed on this message for all in this group that resonate with it. "Stand firm on the foundation built by your ancestral heritage, or whatever you call your foundation, or home. That is the key to successfully opening up to a huge pool of non-physical energy now pouring in. This is making tuning in easier than ever before for many. Where you were born and the family groups you incarnated into are not just a matter of chance, so take that big clue to lock into your passions. Own your earth roots and most importantly, share what you are experiencing. We are mirrors for each other. Start Vogue-ing!


This will help ground the energy and minimise feelings of being blown around like a leaf in the Fall season. Winter sometimes feel like it bites on every level, especially with emotional triggers around Xmas holidays and starting a New Year. Use the tools you know of. Talk less and show what you wish to be. Wonderful information is being sent by brilliant messengers and teachers. You Vuyiswa are blossoming into what you have experienced as an African woman. Like you recently said on your wall, you are a spiritually inspired political animal" . At this point I roared with laughter too! :) 


I asked him to finish with some "what's round the corner" thoughts on the biggest challenge he sees facing the group as we cross into 2018. I pulled 3 Tarot cards that were The Fool, The Ace of Wands and The King of Cups. If you resonate with me and how I work with my mother and all the beautiful people she has inspired with her sharing, then you will have already made that leap of faith.(the Fool) You will be determined to fire up and ground your passion on earth! (Ace of Wands) and round the corner, into 2018 balancing the ever shifting waters of emotions. All the while owning your heart and offering your service to the world with love. (King of Cups)


Erik handed me an arrow. I am a Sagittarian. I get it, that arrow is not a weapon, it’s a tool. He said: Be inspired by teachers, not shackled to them.  Those who make themselves leaders, consciously or just by default, will carry too big an energetic burden and those that play small, will unconsciously be handing over their free-will. Don't do that. Vuyiswa means Bringer of Joy and happiness in Xhosa, my native tongue. I could never pretend I had no idea what I came here to do, but I tried,  ha!. It’s an absolute honour and joy to "meet" you all.


Vuyiswa and The Lovers.