PATIENCE ~ By Julia Cox

“love is patent and kind”

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When I asked Erik to give me a topic for this blog entry – the message came instantly – loud & clear…PATIENCE!!

Julia: And what a timely topic with all the holiday hullaballoo! I often think about how the bible says “love is patent and kind”, and beat myself up about it when I can’t live up to my own expectations

Erik: Well there’s the message – patience, kindness and LOVE is for giving and for receiving, and YOU deserve it too – from others and most importantly you deserve it from yourself.

Julia: Erik is signalling for me to share that I’m currently physically impaired, and have been asked to “outsource” Christmas… which is one of the most difficult things for me to do, firstly because it’s our family’s turn to host and family will be arriving on Saturday to stay with us and celebrate. Secondly because I’ve been patiently waiting for our turn to do Christmas in our recently renovated kitchen – and am so disappointed that I can’t deliver on what I’d intended. Plus I have to ask for help, which comes on a different timeline to my own, and requires patience. (Erik is spinning the Guns N Roses song Patience around and around in my head – “just a little patience, yeah”)

Erik: this is where we segue into LETTING GO and GOING WITH THE FLOW!! It’s time to realise that your value is not just as hostess. Your value way outweighs that!! Asking for help is an attribute of strength. Remember the holidays are a time to “be” together with your loved ones. Emphasis on “be”… Get it in your skulls – the “being” is the main part! Not the doing. None of the silly Christmas traditions or having the menu “just so” make ANY difference without the people to share it with. This is the main message for the blog members. LET GO of all the expectations, BE in the now, BE present with your loved ones and this time and togetherness and sharing is the whole big kahuna. It is EVERYTHING people!! If you let go & go with the flow enough, you won’t need the patience part!

Julia: I’m so glad I’ve been asked to write this blog post – I needed that message, and I’m sure you wouldn’t have given it to me if it weren’t to help others too.

ERIK: Damn straight! And don’t forget – some people don’t have ANYONE to spend time with on the holidays, be grateful that you do, no matter how frustrating you may find some interactions and how much patience is needed! If you can, opening your home and including someone that is alone in your celebrations is one of the biggest gifts you can give.

Julia: LOVE LOVE LOVE to all the members for the holidays!

Julia Cox