Peeling Back the Layers ~ by Sheila


So, for the past few days I have been meditating on what subject to write about. And Erik kept bringing me back to an onion.  He showed me an onion and showed me how as we pull back the layers of our lives and let go the more and more we become one with the light.

As human we have that ego layer which is the outside crispy layer. He’s showing how as we pull that back on an onion we start seeing the raw parts of the onion and how it starts us to tear up from the aroma of the onion.

Which is like with our own consciousness as we pull it back the layers we start to cry and doubt our decisions. We allow others to keep us from our own path of healing. We allow our thought to keep us from what is truly in store for yourselves.  We must stop that shit.

Then you come to the second layer which is hurt and shame. Its tuff and holds us back from the fruit in is with the onion. We need to pull that layer back as we continue to grow and heal.

Then the next layer gets a little softer and as you pull that layer back you see the juices to start to flow from the onions. It makes our mouth water for that greatness that each layer in that onion has instore for us, but the juices also cause us physical pain that makes our eyes burn. Most of us when we get to this point stop and say to hell with peeling that onion. Shit man you’re not going to grow if you don’t continue to pull back those layers to get to the juice center of that fruit of the onion.

This is the same with consciousness you must be willing to pull back the layers to grow and move on.

Onions are the natural spices of life as with our consciousness it too is the spice of life, our healing, our spiritual growth.

Imagine all the things you can accomplish in your life if you just let go of all that shit and let the juices flow no matter how bitter they taste. You need to free yourself of the human aspect of it and move yourself into the spiritual realm of it.

I promise you if you do it will be one amazing journey you will never forget. The spiritual plan is available to all of us if we just allow ourselves to just let go of the human nature in us. Let it go man. Let it go…

Peace out


Thank you, Erik, for those wonderful words. We all love you and appreciate your spirit and allowing us this time together on this journey. Anytime. Tell my momma “I love her”

Erik, I will and thank you for helping with my article.

Love & light