The “Loving Kindness Meditation” ~ By Kathy Dench

I felt Erik prompting me to share this meditation with you!

Just like a lot of you, I have been through some tough times during 2017 (and a lot of  years before that!) Yay for lessons to learn while here in the physical!  The past few months have been especially trying with family trauma and losses of dear friends.  We are all a little off balance from engaging in the drama all around us. 

Last Saturday, I decided to take care of my energy and have a reiki session with a Master practitioner who gave me reiki for the very first time almost four years ago.  She shared some techniques I hadn’t tried before to release and cut cords that were blocking me.  One of them was the “Loving Kindness Meditation.”  You can find it in detail here

In short it is a meditation you can do in 10 minutes a day and it will change your energy as well as help the earth and everyone on it.   She taught me to start the day by checking with my guides and ask the question, “What do I need today?”   Listen for or feel the answer that comes back to you. Let’s say that you get “happiness, self love, and no pain.”

Take a few deep breaths in and out and say to yourself, “May I have happiness, may I have self love, may I have no pain.” 

Next think of a person who loves you deeply and you love them.  See them in your mind’s eye and say, “May you have happiness, may you have self love, may you have no pain” and see those things going to that person.

Then think of someone you are neutral about, repeating the process of sending that person the same three things.

After this, think of a person that you are angry with or are having a difficult relationship with and repeat the process for them. 

Finally, send the three things to the earth and everyone on it.

Now, if you do this mediation each day, you have done your lightwork for yourself and everyone around you.  You are doing what you came here to do.  Can you imagine the difference you will make?  The person you are angry with may eventually take the position of the one you love and even when the situation around you seems hopeless, you will daily be sending beautiful energy out that will improve the world for everyone! 

My spiritual journey started on January 28, 2014 when spirit shook my chair and woke me up.  I thought I knew what life on the other side was like, but after that happened, I was driven to know more.  That experience has also led me to share what I’ve learned with others.

One of the ways I help is to do a reading by tapping into your aura or energetic field.  When I do this, I meditate for a period of time and ask your spirit team for very specific things that might be in your field.  Through this process I ask for only the most loving insight and uplifting information they can give me about you.  I then paint a watercolor painting that is reiki infused and prepare a report to go with it about what I got from spirit.  I really love doing these because I get to feel the love that your team has for you and it’s a great feeling!

I also do angel card readings and can do a general or specific question reading using cards. 

I have always been really intuitive and have recently stepped into giving intuitive psychic readings.  When I do these, I sometimes get messages from deceased loved ones. 

Being a lightworker brings me joy and I love Erik’s message of love and personal growth for each of us and got into this to share his message.  Love and light to all of my CE peeps!