There is no failure when you are following your heart ~ By Stephanne Cox

Erik's Weekly Blog Post

Hi Peeps!  I wanted to take a minute to talk about self-doubt and fear.  I know it’s a topic that I’ve gone over many times but I want to address this one mainly to the new up and coming lightworkers.  What’s happening is that you are seeing what your seeing but you need to believe in yourself.  Don’t let doubt and fear fill your energy.  Notice that I didn’t say mind.  Your mind is only a tool.  You hold so much potential within you.  You have a purpose and you are not alone in your purpose.  Remember, I am here guiding you.  You also have many others who guide you.  Trust in that.  There are other lightworkers who are willing to help guide you.  Trust in them.  The bottom line is trust in all that is and let go.  We want to see you succeed in your life purpose.  So, once you have found it….just know that we are here to see it through and will not let you fail.  There is no failure when you are following your heart and your own intuition.  Still, you have to do the energy work on your end.  It’s all a part of manifesting.  I know some of you are still having a hard time manifesting.  That’s alright, it will come to you.  Right now, letting go of the self-doubt and the fear that you have is a great start.  Self-doubt and fear are part of what is holding you back from manifesting.  I love you all….peace.


Love & Light
Stephanne Cox