Ask Erik ~ March 2018

We are creating a Youtube Channel for the Channeling Erik Mediums Website. It will be Called Erik's Spiritual Team.

We will feature those Team members from the website so you can get to know them better. 

We will be filming in the next couple of weeks and will upload the videos in March.

We are currently taking Questions for the Q&A part of the videos.

If you would like to submit a question you can submit the question to .

Each question submitted is $10 and this money is going toward to help pay for an event we are holding in 2019.

Great things are coming for our CEM mediums.

We are designing a new website that is more user friendly. We are looking for more amazing Erik Mediums who love and support his mission and we are excite about the event coming in June of 2019.

Also the Channeling Erik store is getting a new look and will be launching in March as well.

So a lot of exciting things are happening in March. 

The new Medium Website address will be

So if you would like to ask Erik a question please send it to us at

The $10 payment is to be sent to the same email address via PayPal.

This channel is an extension of the Channeling Erik Mediums and not the Channeling Erik Blog or the Channeling Erik Blog Youtube that Elisa has.

This is totally ran by the admins of the Mediums group and website. If you have any questions feel free to buzz Sheila on the Medium website and facebook groups. She is the admin of theses. 

Again this is just and extension of sharing more of his teachings and love. 

Our Goal is to showcase all of the Erik Mediums & Team Members who work with him and share his mission of love & light.


Love & Light