What are Readings? 

Readings are a type of service provided by Mediums.

What is a Medium?

Mediums are simply messengers. They are here to listen to your spirit guides, angels, and loved ones to give you the answers to your questions. This is also called channeling. Each medium has their own set of skills and specialties on how they communicate and connect to both you and spirits. Mediums are listening to what is being told to them, so it is completely up to the spirit on what is answered. Not all the time will your answers be what you want, and not all the time will spirits answer your question. Sometimes mediums won’t be able to pick up on a certain spirit. There are several reasons for this:

1.     You’re not meant to know the answer yet because it could interfere with your life path and/or it won’t serve your purpose to know that piece of information yet.

2.     Spirit doesn’t feel like commenting on a question (spirits have emotions too and they can choose whether or not they feel like answering)

3.     The medium could be blocking or having an off day, which happens to even the most seasoned medium

4.     You, the client, have doubt, intense, grief, or any other type of dense energy. This causes for your energy to be cut off to the medium and makes it hard for them to be able to connect to you and the spirit.

The most important thing to remember is that each medium has their own filter, so information may come out a little differently between each individual medium because of their own set of beliefs and truths. This is why you should choose a medium that resonates with you the most because it will make for a better reading for both the medium and for you. Also, if a medium tells you something in a reading that doesn't resonate with you, then that’s okay because you don't need agree with everything or take everything in a reading as fact. If it doesn't sit right with you, then just drop that piece of information and carry on. Your heart knows you better than any medium will.

Disclaimer:  The mediums, energy healers, and spiritual and life coaches here are no substitute for professional medical, legal, financial, or psychological help. We do not condone or advise drug use as a substitute for medical or psychological help, nor do we support anyone in the group that gives that advice. We are not responsible for other mediums and/or energy healers. Results are not guaranteed. No one should expect a 100% accurate reading from anyone. Mediums all have off days in their channeling, and not even the most seasoned medium is perfect. 

If you are getting a free reading or a reading from a practicing medium: If you're getting a free reading or healing or getting a reading from a practicing medium, please know that the medium or energy healer is most likely not a seasoned medium or healer and is practicing on their skills. When you help a reader to improve their skills at no cost but for your time, you are the equivalent of a teacher even though you may not feel you are teaching. However, you indeed are because the reader is learning how to work with another individual. This is a mutually beneficial program, the sitter gets insights or communication often for no cost and the reader gets to advance their gifts and knowledge. There are no guarantees that what the reader says will be accurate. Also, since the practicing mediums do not have a set schedule, the wait time may vary.