Renée Rogers

My name is Renée Rogers, and I have been a Reiki practitioner for 12 years. I am attuned to all three levels of Usui Reiki, to Seicheim Reiki and Imara Reiki and have had the Psychic Reiki Master attunement. I am a strong intuitive and an empath.
I also have a Master's degree in Education and am a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist with 9 years experience. Recently, I have been exploring drawing as a medium for sharing Reiki with the world. 
I have been a spiritual seeker since I was a young child. A chaotic childhood drew me to the world of spirit in search of my ancestors. It was really the events of September 11th that blew open the psychic doors for me, however, and brought me to a huge part of my life's purpose.


Pricing and sessions


  • $45 for a 45 minute Reiki session with a psychic reading.
  • $75 for a 75 minute session Reiki session with a psychic reading 
  • $30 for a 6 x 8 drawing of your spirit animal (Please add $13 for shipping)
  •  $60 for a 9 x 12 drawing (Please add $13 for shipping)

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