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About Me

Rosa Monague, BSc (hons) Sociology

Nationally and Internationally Acclaimed 

Psychic Tarot Reader, Clairvoyant and Medium

Spiritual and Planetary Healer


Mother of four, grandmother of five

I started studying at the age of 35 and rekindled and interest in all things magical and mystical.  I studied Psychology and all major religions, dithered for a year on a badly formulated "Health Studies" degree, then changed my mind and worked my way through my degree in Sociology as a lone parent-and loved every minute of it! I spent ten years working as a project worker in women's hostels and in substance and alcohol rehab.  I traveled to India to research trafficking in women and children and I have a keen understanding of women's issues based on study and personal experience.

I have been working as a Psychic Tarot Reader professionally for a number of years now and I am a qualified Spiritual Healer.  My interest in Social Sciences continues and my involvement in Spiritual Progression-like most working in this field-has leapt forward erratically with the approach of the Ascension and 2012, but from time to time I alternate my work in Professional Consultations with other work such as my recent voluntary work in Ghana.  It is, of course, all spiritual work and I am developing ways I can merge it all and be able to offer consultations from anywhere in the world.  This is my vision for the future.

I like to spend any spare time I have with my plants, getting closer to nature and doing traditional crafts such as knitting.  I love walking, reading, or watching TV, if I'm feeling brain dead.  I am fortunate to be living in the Northeast of England and our beautiful wild beaches and countryside have always been amongst my favourite haunts.  I am, however, a party animal and love to be out there, finger on the pulse, socializing with people who enjoy watching the sun come up after a good night out!  

My family shared an interest in Spiritualism and my Gran took me to our local Spiritualist church at the age of sixteen.  I loved it, but when mediums began telling me I had gifts that should be developed, I backed off.  I wasn't ready for the level of commitment I felt was needed.  I always retained an interest, though, visiting that church over the years.  Then, when I was in my thirties, several things happened.  I moved from the countryside and bought a book called "Natural Magic."  I spent days in bookshops and New Age treasure troves because with the woods behind my house and the river at my front door, the Goddess called me in a voice I couldn't ignore!  

I did a past life regression with a friend to help her qualify as a Hypnotherapist, an amazing experience, but more importantly doors were fully opened that had been still partly closed; things that in my mind had question marks over them suddenly became facts of life and the pace of my work increased rapidly.

I obtained my first healing certificate  and that was just a part of the never ending journey that started when I was a child-as it does with each and every one of us-and every step of the way, even when it gets tough and we allow ourselves to despair, it has been and still is MAGICAL!  My gratitude for the honour of experiencing this great adventure is ETERNAL!

This profile and my website is designed to help you get to know me and hopefully I will get to know you.  It isn't just a place to advertise my services, although, of course that's an important part of it; it's an opportunity to swap experiences, share knowledge, tell stories and to help each other along the way as together- all for one and one for all- we move into The Golden Age.

If you would like a Reading or Healing:

I live to think I specialise in helping people find perspective, clarity, the way to inner peace and a way to move forward. I cannot always tell you what you want to hear, but I can promise you Honesty, Compassion, Love and Understanding.


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"I thought I would give this lovely reader a try and to my surprise, she picked up on information as soon as the call started, it went from thought and the reading was so good. She is one of the best readers I have come across. I hope her predictions come to pass. Many thanks Rosa. Love and light to you"

"A very pleasant reader to talk to. It was an interesting insightful and indepth reading giving lots of sound advice and some guidance from spirit. Enlightened and uplifted."

"Thank you Rosa for your inspiration , you gave me such a uplifting reading, spot on with the work issue I was having, amazing with the other information coming though so overwhelmed, a big thank you- K xx"

"What an amazing woman... She delivers her messages to you truthfully and honestly and knew my thoughts, what situation I wanted answers to... Highly recommend you speak with her! I now look forward to what's to come thank you x"

"Just stunning. Brought my father through, no mistaking him as he was unique. So much information just flowed out of her. One of the very best readers I've spoken to . I would definitely speak to her again. xxx"

"Rosa.. Stunning! Instantly identified the issues, gave great depth, insight and predictions. Love her warm energy so much. Thank you Rosa xx"

"A very pleasant reader to talk to. It was an interesting insightful and indepth reading giving lots of sound advice and some guidance from spirit. Enlightened and uplifted."