Ryan Adregna 


30 minute energy healing session - $50 USD

45 minute energy healing session- $75 USD

60 minute energy healing session-$100 USD

75 minute energy healing session- $125 USD

90 minute energy healing session- $150 USD 

Sessions are booked to Ryan's paypal account:



My name is Ryan Adregna and I'm a channel for the divine spirits energies (in distance, in person, or in a group...it doesn't matter). As a healer, through my spirit team (as I call them), we work on healing a broad spectrum of physical and emotional issues. On the physical side of things, conditions are the manifestations of negative energies that have been allowed to build up in the body over time and create aches and pains. On the emotional side of things; depression, loss, grief, abuse, anger, hurt, sadness, self-pity, etc., are all negative energies that have flowed into the mind from your life's experiences, grow roots, and over time, lead to self destruction. We work on removing those deep rooted unwanted energies and make you whole again.


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